Wesley Carter

Wesley Carter was raised in High Springs, FL. He nows live in Gainesville, FL and is married to his high school sweetheart, Jenny Waters Carter. His children are Law Carter, wife Hannah (son Cal), Jaye Carter, Reid Carter, Laila Carter, & Karissa Carter. Wesley graduated from Santa Fe High School in the class of 1990. He has a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance from Jacksonville State University where he graduated in 1994. Currently, he works at Loncala, Inc where he started in 1998 as the Operations Assistant, then became Operations Manager in 2007, and then became President in 2015 to present. Loncala, Inc owns and manages about 50,000 acres of Timberland in Florida & Texas. The company also manages multiple logging crews in Florida as well as a 450 head cow/calf operation on its ranch in High Springs, FL.

Wesley became a member of Antioch Baptist Church in April of 1995 and was ordained as a deacon in 1997. He came to know Christ as a 19-year-old teen when he moved away from home & realized he was depending on his parents faith, not his own. God saved him one night in his dorm room in September of 1991. His parents discipled him and always pointed him to the Narrow Path. His hobbies are watching his kids play Sports, hunting with his hounds, and barefoot water skiing. His favorite book to read is the Bible.

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