Day 1 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Day 1 – Pine Ridge Mission Trip

Pine ridge team

We are on the road. We have a total of 15 men and we are all looking forward to what God has planned for us this week. We will not arrive until 10:30 p.m. Central Time. We will be on Mountain Time during the week.

Pastor Chris prayed over us this morning and Dan lead us through Communion.

We have the Faith van, U-Haul trailer, and two minivans. The trailer is completely full. We had many donations that included: a washing machine, oven, 2 microwave ovens, 60 blankets, kitchen accessories, 100 hats, 5 ceiling fans, 5 shelving units, 2 floor fans, and many other items. We also have food for the week. We will not only be serving our team, but also 5 to 10 other local Lakota (and families) at every meal with community outreach meals to serve up to 180 people. Between food and donations almost 2/3 of the stuff will not come back with us.




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