A Christian Response to the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

A Christian Response to the Supreme Court Ruling on Same-Sex Marriage

Jesus here warns His followers about trying to correct the sins of others when we ourselves are in sin. He says that the measuring stick we apply to others will be applied to us. In light of the Supreme Court ruling, Christian’s first response should be:

1. Repent

We must repent for our own sins before we will be able to see clearly how to advance the cause of Christ in our land. We must repent of our own:

  • Rejection of the Bible
  • Destruction of marriage/sexuality/gender
  • View of government (One Lawgiver, One Supreme Judge)
  • Love of power/political activism
  • National idolatry (restoring America over advancing the Kingdom)
  • Complacency/apathy (Laodicea, what will it take to awaken us?)
  • Escapism

2. Embrace

Christians must also respond by embracing what it truly means to be Christians. We must embrace:

  • Peculiar identity (minority status, weakness, societal outcast)
  • Pilgrim status
  • Persecution
  • War (standing alone)
  • The Gospel (homosexuals, gender confused, sinners)
  • God’s sovereignty (even in judgment)

3. Die

We must lastly choose to die. We will all die one day, the only question is, “When?” Will we reject the Word of God (Jesus Christ,) die, and go to hell? Will we accept Christ, be quiet, and die twenty years from now under persecution? Will we die today to self, stand upon Christ’s Word, and watch the gates of hell give way before us? I do not know what others may choose, but I choose to die today.

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