Breaking Generational Sins

Breaking Generational Sins

Children will follow in the Father’s sins

Children will inherit the sin nature of their father. They will become like him and follow him in his sins. The sins of the father will be passed down for multiple generations. In the church, home, and society we are reaping the rotten fruit of generational sin. Broken homes, drunkenness, sexual immorality and the like are spiraling out of control. Why? Because of the fathers’ sins. The sins of the fathers are being passed down through generation upon generation.

Men are the leaders of the human race

Adam was the head of the human race. He was not supposed to be the leader; he was the leader. He led poorly and led mankind into sin. If we are ever to recover from the devastating effects of sin, men must break the chains of generational sins and lead their families back to Christ.

We must be born again

The blood of our father Adam courses through our veins. We have his nature, and we will follow in his sin. His sin will be manifested in our lives. The only way to break the curse is to die and be born into a new family with a new nature. This is what it means to be saved. Our old nature must die with Christ and the nature of Christ must rise again within us. We must have a new family with a new Father. When we are no longer under Adam but in Christ, we will begin to look like our Heavenly Father

We must make a complete break from our father’s sins

Even after we come to faith in Christ the temptation will be to still follow in our fathers’ sins. This was the problem of the Pharisees (Luke 11.) They wanted to follow the prophets and their fathers who killed the prophets. It was a hypocritical stance that kept them in bondage. We must acknowledge the sin of our fathers and make a clean break from their sin. We must lead our children and grandchildren to follow their Heavenly Father not their earthly fathers.


Will you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved? Will you make a complete break from Adam’s line?

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