“Christ’s Victory” (Part 1) – Psalm 9:1-6

“Christ’s Victory” (Part 1) – Psalm 9:1-6

Psalm 9 was written by David for the choir director. Muthlabben probably means that the song was to the tune “Death of the Son” which is probably in reference to Goliath being killed. It is possible that Psalm 9 is in reference to that event, but we cannot be certain. The song is about how we can have confidence in God attaining the victory. This Psalm is very applicable today when so many believers have a defeatist mentality.

Whole-hearted praise

One of the reasons we are so doubtful about the future is because we do not adequately praise God for what He has done. If you look at so much of our praise it is half-hearted. David is confident in God because he remembers what God has done in the past, and he reminds himself of this through praising God. David also proclaims all that God has done so others might have the same confidence in God. David finds his happiness and joy in God, not his circumstances.

Victory comes from God

David realizes that the reason the Philistines fled was not because he killed Goliath. They fled because God was with him. Every victory came from the Lord. It was God Who gave and maintained his rights. It was God Who brought about justice. In the same vein, we often attribute our victories, rights, and justice to every one but God. This is idolatry, and it is why we lack confidence for the future. When we rightly attribute these victories to Christ it gives us confidence in Him for the future.

God completely defeats the enemy

Throughout human history God has defeated so many ungodly people. We can see this throughout the Scriptures and also history. God has also defeated Satan by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. God has defeated so many that they have faded from memory. Their entire civilizations have been wiped out and forgotten. Why should we then worry about the current problems we are facing? God will prevail.


Do you believe in Jesus’ victory by rising from the dead?

Are you praising God with your whole heart?

Are you telling the next generation of all that God has done?

Is your hope found in Jesus or some other earthly thing?

Have you given God the glory for the victories or do you assign those victories to someone else?

Have you retreated from the fight?

Will you press on the offensive trusting in God for the victory?


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