Common Problems: Money (Matthew 6:24-33)

Common Problems: Money (Matthew 6:24-33)

The problem is not money

Financial problems is the number one stated reason for divorce in the United States. However, this simply is not the truth. Financial stress brings out the true character of people, thus leading to marital problems. The money was never the issue; it was simply the catalyst that brought out the real underlying issue.

The problem is priorities

Financial issues are always issues of priorities. The problem is not that your spouse is spending money on THAT; the problem is that you think the money should be spent on THIS. Even if you had a larger income you would still disagree over where money goes; it would only be on a larger scale. The couple that fights over $20 will fight over $20,000. This is why financial compromises rarely work. You are not asking someone to compromise on money; you are asking them to compromise on what they value.

God is to be our one priority

Jesus gives us the solution to financial anxiety, stress, and arguments: reset your priorities. Jesus takes our list of priorities and throws it away. In its place He gives us a new list, a list with one priority, God Himself and the mission He has given us. This is in line with everything else taught in Scripture. We were created for God’s glory, and our lives are to be lived to that end. When we both radically reorient our priorities to God alone we will have a shared purpose and vision for the future that will guide our financial decisions. When we both have the same priority, God’s Kingdom, there is little else to fight about.

He will take care of our needs

But what about our needs? Throughout all of Scripture God promises to take care of His children. My concern is simply to be obedient and trust Him. The Christian life is one of faith. I give my resources to further God’s Kingdom and trust Him to meet my needs. He has never failed one of His children. He will keep His promises.


Will you seek first the Kingdom? Will you trust God to meet your needs?


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