Compassion for the Lost (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Compassion for the Lost (1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

Hopefully you have experienced a measure of God’s grace and victory over sin as we have studied our indwelling sin and the grace of God that delivers us from that sin. How do we maintain this grace and grow in this grace?

We must let past sins humble us

We quickly forget that we were once hopelessly lost in sin. We forget what we were before Jesus delivered us by His grace. Because of this we can quickly lose compassion for others who are enslaved in the exact same sins that used to enslave us. We can become arrogant and look down at those who are not “good enough.” We must not forget what we were, and we must have compassion on those who are now struggling just like we were struggling. Otherwise, our arrogance will lead us right back into the same sins.

We must follow Christ’s example

Jesus is literally the only person Who was “too good” for the rest of us. However, He spent His time delivering poor sinners from their sin. He had compassion on those who were enslaved to their sin, and He came to deliver them from their sin. He risked His reputation and literally gave His life so that we might be saved from our sin. We must do the same thing. We must have the compassion that Christ had.

Religious pride will destroy us

We cannot allow God’s grace to make us believe that we are anything other than a sinner saved by His grace. We must remember that God can just as quickly drop us as He picked us up. The only reason we are not in sin is because of His grace. We must take this grace to others. We cannot despise the sinners in our midst. They must know the love, mercy, compassion, grace, and forgiveness of Christ shown through our lives.


Who will you show compassion on? Who will you share the grace of God with?


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