“David’s Song of Praise” – Psalm 18:1-3

“David’s Song of Praise” – Psalm 18:1-3

Psalm 18 is the song that David wrote when he became king. From the background and introduction there is much we can learn about the Christian faith.

God keeps His promises

As a boy David was anointed to be the next king of Israel. This appeared on the surface to be nothing more than a pipe dream that could never come true. However, over the next few years it looked as if God would fulfill His promise to David. David killed Goliath and sky-rocketed to prominence in the nation. He advanced quickly in the military and was a hero for the nation. He married into Saul’s family and was in line to the throne. However, over the next decade all of this disappeared. He became public enemy number one. His wife (and claim to the throne) was married off to someone else. He was kicked out of the palace and chased like a dog. Instead of leading the Israelites against the Philistines, he was more popular with the Philistines. God in His providence though changed all of this in a moment. David went from vagabond to the throne. God kept His promises even when it looked like He had forgotten.

We must be thankful

In light of this David writes this Psalm. It is one of the longest songs in the Bible. We have seen several of David’s psalms in his distress. Most of them are fairly short. However, when David is delivered he sings a very long song of praise. David here shows us that our thankfulness should far surpass our cries for help.

God blesses humility

In his introduction David refers to himself not as king but as Yahweh’s servant. David here is showing us what Jesus taught: if you want to be great in God’s kingdom you must become a servant. David assumes the same title that the Apostle Paul used for himself. David was not concerned with titles or positions. He was going to serve the Lord in the pasture watching sheep or on the throne ruling God’s people. David did not allow the honor of being king to change who he was.

We must give God all the glory

David’s coronation song is far different from what we would expect. Instead of rehashing all he had been through to arrive at this day he instead focuses on Who God is. David gives God 100% of the glory for where he is. He publicly acknowledges God alone.

God saves by faith alone

The only thing that David ascribes for himself is faith. He is king because he trusted God; that is it. David does not praise his strength, wisdom, obedience, righteousness, etc. God delivers on the basis of faith alone. David’s standing before God is by faith alone.

The God Who Saves us will keep us

In his first moments as king David states that he will continue to cry out to the Lord for deliverance. David’s problems do not end when he has been crowned king. In many respects they are just beginning. David here teaches us to continue praying even when God fulfills His promises.


How often do you give God thanks for what He has done?

Do you view yourself as the slave of Christ?

Are you trusting in Jesus alone for your salvation?

Will you continue to trust God even when it seems like He has forgotten you?

Are you continuing to cry out to the Lord?


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