Decision Making in the Church

Decision Making in the Church

Most churches make decisions through Robert’s Rules of Order and Business Meetings. However, neither of these things are found in the Word of God. So how should a church make decisions according to God’s Word?

Jesus is the Head of the Church

The church belongs to Jesus and no one else. There is no flow-chart of authority or ruling majority in the church. It is Jesus’ way or you cease to be a church. This is not your church, your family’s church, a Baptist church, a congregational church, etc. It is Jesus’ Church. Period. What He says goes. No questions asked.

We are all brothers

There is no pyramid scheme in Scripture. There are no “prominent” church members. Jesus emphatically declared that One was our Master, Jesus Christ. We do not follow men. We do not follow men with special titles. The church is a family, and we are all simply brothers. However, Jesus is the Head, so His Word goes without voting, question, or debate.

Sheep follow the voice of the Shepherd

It is imperative that the church only be comprised of sheep. If you have goats or wolves among the flock they can confuse the sheep or lead them away from the Shepherd. Sheep know the voice of their Shepherd. They listen and follow Him only.

We need mature sheep to help the immature and sick sheep

Throughout any given church there are immature and sick sheep. These sheep may have a hard time discerning the voice of the Shepherd or following Him where He leads. Because of this, God has ordained that the mature sheep (elders) help the younger sheep learn to hear the Shepherd’s voice. However, it is still the duty of each individual sheep to follow the Shepherd.

The sheep must discern what the Shepherd is saying and follow

The decision making process in the church is essentially the sheep gathering to discern the voice of the Shepherd. Jesus speaks through His Word and by His Spirit. Each member of the church has the solemn responsibility to seek the Shepherd’s voice by studying the Word and prayer.


Do you know the Shepherd? Will you seek to know where He is calling us? Will you follow the Shepherd?


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