Do You Care? (Amos 6:1-7)

Do You Care? (Amos 6:1-7)

All are guilty

Amos is from Judah and has been addressing the sins of Israel. He now includes Zion (Jerusalem), the capital of Judah, in his judgment. He is showing several things, one, Israel is not the only one guilty; his own nation is guilty. Secondly, he is speaking out against those in Judah who are refusing to join him in speaking out against the sins happening around them.

The certainty of judgment

Jerusalem and Samaria were heaving fortified cities that were hard to approach because of the mountainous terrain. They falsely believed that this made them impervious to invading nations. Amos calls them to look at other heavily fortified cities that were defeated. When God judges a nation, they will be judged. No military or fortification can withstand God’s judgment. Their pride gave them a false sense of security thus emboldening them to continue their violent oppression of the poor.

Luxury and ease as opposed to grief

Amos here does not just single out those who were oppressing the poor. He instead focuses on those who lived lives of luxury and ease. The problem was not wealth or luxury. The problem was that they could not be bothered to care about anyone but themselves. They were so busy enjoying themselves that they would not even take time to consider the cause of the oppressed. As their nation decayed around them they did not shed a tear. Because of this, those who lived luxurious lives would be the first to be judged.

Jesus the antithesis

Jesus is the direct opposite of everyone in Amos’ day. He grieved constantly over the sinful state of His people. He refused a luxurious life in order to call His nation to repentance. Jesus did everything to turn people from the coming judgment and wept when they refused to repent.


Do you arrogantly believe that you can escape God’s judgment? Do you view judgment as being so far off that you continue in your sin? Are you more concerned with your own ease and luxury than the cause of the poor and oppressed? Will you turn to Jesus for forgiveness? Will you seek a heart like His?


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