Don’t Forget to Be Thankful (Luke 17:11-19)

Don’t Forget to Be Thankful (Luke 17:11-19)

While Jesus is on His way to Jerusalem ten lepers see Him and cry out to Him for mercy. He promptly heals them, but only one of them turns around and thanks Him.

We do not see what we are apart from Christ

Lepers were complete outcasts from Jewish society, but Samaritans were even more despised. The other lepers were not grateful for healing, but the Samaritan showed immense gratitude. One of the reasons we are not grateful is because in our pride we think that we deserve all that we have been given. We do not know what it is like to go without. We do not know what it is like to be the very outcasts of society, so instead of being grateful for all that we do have we become upset at the slightest thing that does not go our way.

We quickly forget

The Samaritan gives God the glory the moment he realizes he is clean. He literally stops in his tracks and turns around to thank Jesus. We must develop an attitude of thankfulness that immediately gives God thanks. We are very prone to forget what God has done for us. We forget how sinful we were when Jesus found us; we forget what we were and do not give glory to God.

Jesus is amazed that no one else showed gratitude

A full ninety percent of those Jesus healed did not offer Him a word of thanks. This would be amazing if we did not know our own selves! We probably do not give thanks for more than ninety percent of the things Jesus has done for us. This should amaze us and cause us to strive for an attitude of thankfulness.

Jesus still shows mercy on the unclean

Jesus is still in the business of making sinners clean, and the way to be clean is still faith. Will you cry out to Jesus believing the He will cleanse you from your sins?


What do you need to thank God for today?


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