“Even so, Come, Lord Jesus” – Psalm 14:4-7

“Even so, Come, Lord Jesus” – Psalm 14:4-7

Last week we saw the sinfulness of man. We saw that all human beings are sinners and do not seek God. Today we continue this train of thought.

No thoughts of God

David is almost in shock at the depravity he sees. How can men not have any knowledge of the coming judgment of God. How can men and women live as if God does not see? David sees them hurting the people of God. The wicked seem to value human life like we value the heel piece of a loaf of bread. It does not phase them to kill the righteous. The wickedness David sees is so great that he doesn’t even see pretend religious piety any more; people do not even pray.

The coming fear

David knows though that God will prevail. There is coming a time when the enemies of God will be overcome with terror. They will one day know the truth. God defends His people. He will confront those who persecute them.

The public scorn of the righteous

The wicked will heap scorn, contempt, and humiliation on God’s people. We should expect persecution. David points out that this contempt will be specifically aimed at our reliance on God and our seeking counsel from Him in His Word. You can see this clearly as Jesus is crucified. The Pharisees mock Jesus for His reliance on the Father.

A prayer for deliverance

David concludes by crying out to God for the day that God will come and deliver His people. He knows our oppression will come to an end. He knows deliverance is coming. He knows God will come through. He knows that this will result in joy and gladness. He longs for this day to come. This echoes what John says at the end of Revelation. “Even so, Come, Lord Jesus.”


Do you value human life?

Do you pray?

Do you long for the return of Christ?

Will you prepare for His return by believing in Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin?


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