Follow Me (John 21:18-25)

Follow Me (John 21:18-25)

Jesus tells Peter how he will die. Peter then wants to know how John will die. Jesus’ answer is very thought provoking and challenging.

We want to know the future

Like Peter, we all want to know the future. We can set our focus on what tomorrow holds. However, Jesus instructs us in Matthew 6 to not worry about tomorrow. Our focus is to be on following Jesus today.

We want hidden knowledge

We all like to know things that are hidden from others. We can spend our time searching for hidden meaning in certain texts or looking into the latest conspiracy theory. However, we are taught in Deuteronomy 29:29 that the secret things belong to God. We are to focus on what He has revealed.

We want to know details about others

We also have an insatiable curiosity to know the finest details about other people’s lives. We can be caught up in gossip very easily. However, Jesus commands us in Matthew 7 to focus on our own lives.

Why do you care?

Jesus’ response to Peter is very pointed, “What is that to you?” We need to truly examine why we are so consumed with certain subjects. Are these truly a concern of mine? Does this truly affect my walk with the Lord? Is this information useful in anyway? Why do I care about this?

Follow Christ

Peter has still not gotten the full implications of Jesus’ resurrection. If Jesus is the Son of God then we must seek to follow Him in every area of our lives. If that is our aim, we must not become concerned with those things that do not further that end. My concern is to be becoming like Jesus, nothing else.


Are you consumed with things that do not matter? Will you forsake them to follow Jesus?


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