Foundation 2: Sin is Unbelief (Romans 8:6-8)

Foundation 2: Sin is Unbelief (Romans 8:6-8)

We have seen in Scripture that the first foundation of our faith is that there is One God Who is to be loved, feared, and obeyed. Where does the Bible lead us next?

We have not loved, feared, and obeyed God

The vast majority of the Bible deals with how we have not loved God or obeyed Him. This is sin. We have rejected God, and we do not seek Him. Because of this we are justly deserving of His wrath.

The Law only exposes guilt

The Law of God was not given to make us right before God. It was given to reveal God’s nature and character and show us how unlike God we really are. The Law was given to expose our guilt and show us our sin nature.

Our problem is our nature

We are dead, unclean, and have evil hearts. It is our nature that produces our sin. We are unable to do what God requires of us, and stand guilty before Him by our very natures. We deserve His wrath because of what we have done and who we are.

Sin is unbelief

All sin is born out of unbelief. We sin simply because we do not believe God and what He has revealed. The problem of mankind runs very deep and is multi-faceted. We are dead sinners who do not believe God by the very nature we have, and we do not seek Him. As such we cannot please God and are the just objects of His wrath.


A true understanding of sin prepares us for the Gospel. If we are dead we must have the resurrection. If we are under God’s wrath someone must bear the wrath of God for us. If we have a sin nature we must be made partakers of the divine nature. If we are born evil we must be born again. If we do not seek God He must seek us. How can all this be done? If sin is unbelief than we must believe in Jesus to be saved.


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