Foundation 6: Sanctification (Matthew 4:19)

Foundation 6: Sanctification (Matthew 4:19)

Now that I am saved, what does the Christian life look like?

Follow Jesus

The Christian life is simply following Jesus and learning from Him. As we follow Him His grace transforms us and makes us like Himself. This is the natural outworking of regeneration. If I have been given a new nature, the nature of Jesus, I will begin to live like Jesus. Holiness is conformity to the image of Jesus. The fruit of salvation is being like Jesus not following religious deeds and sacraments.

Conformity to Christ is obedience

It is not enough to have knowledge of the Bible. We must put that knowledge into practice. Unfortunately we measure maturity within the church by head knowledge, not by actual obedience to the commands of Jesus. Knowledge of God’s Word is useless if it is not followed by action.

Spend time with Jesus

The only way to become like Jesus is to spend time with Him in prayer and His Word. The only way to bear fruit is to abide in Jesus. The more time we spend with Jesus the more He will sanctify us and make us like Himself. There is no other way to become like Him.

Spend time with believers

We can fool ourselves into believing we have attended church when we sit through a sermon. The church is the people, not the building or event. If we have not truly interacted with the people of God, confessed our sins, prayed for each other, and encouraged each other in our walks, than we have not truly been a part of the church. If we are walking with Jesus we will be surrounded by many others who are walking with Him as well. These other believers will help to hold us accountable and remind us of truths we so often forget.


Are you becoming more like Jesus? Are you following Him?


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