Foundation 7: Family (Acts 2:37-39)

Foundation 7: Family (Acts 2:37-39)

If the Gospel is about God’s grace transforming someone into the image of Jesus, how does the family fit into the Gospel?

The Gospel is for the entire family

The Gospel is not simply for the salvation of the individual. The Gospel is for the individual and their home. This promise is for us and our children. In Acts we read of entire families being saved and baptized together. The Gospel is more than just the salvation of an individual; it is about the salvation of marriages and families. When God’s grace gets a hold of a man he will become concerned with the salvation of his family.

The Gospel goes home with you

A man who does not take the Gospel home with him simply does not understand the Gospel. The Gospel changes a man’s heart so that he is now concerned for the salvation of his family. The same is true of women. God’s grace changes their hearts so that they go back to their families with the good news of God’s grace. Men and women filled with God’s Spirit will ensure that their families know the Gospel.

The family is a living illustration of the Gospel

The greatest illustration of Christ’s love for the church is seen within marriage. Marriage is one of the most vivid pictures of the Gospel that we can provide for an unbelieving world. The love and nurture of children is also a tremendous picture of God’s love for His children.

Children are the future of the Kingdom

One cannot truly understand the Kingdom of God unless he realizes that children are the future of the Kingdom. As such every child that is raised in the way he should go will further advance the Kingdom of God.


Do you understand the Gospel as it relates to your family? Have you taken the Gospel home?


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