Foundation 9: Prayer (John 15:5-8)

Foundation 9: Prayer (John 15:5-8)

Prayer is the natural outworking of the Gospel

The Gospel is that when we were unable to come to God He came to us. When we were unable to do anything to bring about our salvation He did everything for our salvation in the person of Jesus Christ. Understanding the Gospel helps us to realize that we are powerless to bring about anything in this world; all power belongs to God. This understanding leads us to pray.

We do not have because we do not ask

God has promised to answer our prayers. He will give to His children. If we do not have something we need it is because we have not asked for it. God desires us to be overflowing with joy. This joy comes not just from God doing things but God doing those things in answer to our prayers.

We can pray because of Jesus

In the name of Jesus we have complete access to God the Father. Because of Jesus God will hear our prayers. He is a good Father Who knows our needs and delights in giving us good gifts. He will answer our fervent prayers because of what Jesus has done. We do not need to resort to empty phrases and vain shows to earn God’s favor. It has already been earned for us by Jesus.

We fast because we love Jesus

Fasting is not a hunger strike to make God do something. Fasting is an overflow of passion and love for Jesus. It is essentially loving God and loving neighbor so much that we no longer desire the things of this life. We fast out of an intense desire for God to advance His Kingdom and hear our prayers.

God answers prayer

The Bible is clear in every place. God answers the prayers of HIs believing children. These prayers may be for physical needs, healing, victory over sin, or the salvation of the lost. Because God has promised to answer these prayers we must continually be coming before the Lord in prayer.


What does your prayer life say about your belief in the Gospel?


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