Freedom from Sin (John 8:31-36)

Freedom from Sin (John 8:31-36)

After hearing Jesus teach, many people now profess faith in Jesus Christ. They are convinced that He is the Messiah. Jesus now addresses those who profess Him as Christ.

We must continue in Jesus’ word

Not all those who say they believe in Jesus are saved. Only those whose faith produces a lifestyle of obedience are true disciples. We will continue in obedience to Jesus’ words if we are truly born again. If we do not follow Jesus’ teachings, we are not born again.

True believers know the truth

Jesus is the Truth, so the closer you follow Jesus the more you will know the truth. The more you study His word, the more clearly you will see reality.

The truth sets us free

We are born enslaved to sin. No matter what we may desire to do, our flesh rules over us. We obey our sinful impulses. Jesus Christ as the Truth, breaks the bondage of sin and sets us free. As slaves we cannot live in the Father’s house where only true sons live. When we are born again, we become children of God and are able to dwell with Him forever.

Believing in Jesus, following Jesus, and being in heaven forever are tied directly with freedom from sin. Jesus did not come to leave His people in their sins. He came to break the bonds of slavery and give us victory over sin. It is impossible to be a Christian yet enslaved to sin. Jesus is a perfect Savior; He delivers us and grants us freedom from sin.


Do you believe that Jesus is able to deliver you? Will you come to Jesus for freedom?


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