“Future Victory for God’s King” – Psalm 21:7-13

“Future Victory for God’s King” – Psalm 21:7-13

Previously we saw the people of God praising God for His answer to their prayers on behalf of King David. David had not just been victorious, but God had done far more than what they had even asked for. They now begin to praise God for the victories that He will bring in the future.

Faith in God’s mercy

The people had a tremendous faith in future success. This was built not upon themselves; the king trusted God. It was faith in God that would secure the success, not the effort of man. Furthermore, this confidence in God was not built upon the king’s righteousness; it was rooted in the character of God. It was God’s mercy that would ensure the protection of the king, nothing less.

Enemies identified

The psalmist now speaks of how God Himself will destroy those who are His enemies. It is important to note that they do not identify their enemies, instead they see God fighting His enemies. We should note several things here. One, we must ensure that we are on God’s side. The people are reticent to identify their personal enemies as God’s enemies. Instead, they emphasize God’s destruction on His own enemies; this encourages us to ensure that we are not standing against God. Two, we must ensure that we correctly identify the enemy. Just because we do not get along with or agree with someone does not mean that they are the enemy of God. Far too often we end up fighting and praying against the wrong people. We must see who God identifies as His enemy, not who we dislike.

Enemies defeated

God will not just protect His people, He will destroy His enemies. The destruction mentioned here is mentioned throughout the entire Bible. God’s judgment is portrayed as an all consuming fire that devours and destroys His enemies. We must ensure that we do not take sin lightly. The wages of sin is death. Far too often we down play sin as “not the best idea” as opposed to the damnable rebellion against a holy God that it is. God will destroy those who oppose Him.

Fruit and seed destroyed

The fruit of wickedness will not last. It will be destroyed. God will be triumphant over His enemies and all of their rebellious plans, philosophies, and ideas will perish with them. There are many people who have opposed God and they and their ideas have been relegated to the ash heap of history.

In addition to this, God has said that He visits the sins of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generation of those who hate Him. This idea is reiterated here. God ensures that the wicked generation is cut off; they will be unable to continue for future generations.

Plans without ability

The wicked will plot against God. Their schemes will not always be public; they are mischievous. However, they do not have the ability to carry out their plans. “He that sits in the heavens shall laugh” (Psalm 2.) They can plot against God, but no man has the ability to overthrow His rule.

Victory is God’s alone

God will defeat His enemies. He will do this without any help from man. We must praise God for this victory to come! We must exalt the strength and power of God. This Psalm teaches us to sing His praises for the victory He will accomplish!


Have you correctly identified the enemy? Are you the enemy of God?

God will be victorious and His judgment is severe. Have you made peace with God through Jesus?

The plans of the wicked will not succeed. Are you worried about the future or trusting God?

The generation of the wicked will come to an end. The only way for their ideas to continue to spread is if they steal our children. Are you discipling your children?

The wicked are mischievous and hide their true plans. Are you studying the Word and walking in the Spirit in order to see more clearly their designs?

Jesus Christ is victorious! Are you trusting in His mercy and His victory?


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