God is Gracious to Those Who Repent (Amos 5:13-15)

God is Gracious to Those Who Repent (Amos 5:13-15)

Amos has declared the coming judgment of God in which 90% of the people will die. He then calls on the people to turn from their wicked ways, namely their social injustice.

Be silent

The natural reaction to Amos’ message is outright rejection. Amos tells them that wise people will be silent. In other words, don’t reject the message outright; take some time to consider what he is saying. We live in a day of foolish, knee-jerk reactions from people who refuse to listen to the arguments of others. We know we are right, and anyone who says otherwise should be immediately rejected. This pride is what is destroying families, relationships, and our nation. A wise man will be silent. He or she will contemplate Amos’ message. Perhaps you are not right with God? Perhaps God is going to judge you and condemn you to hell? This is far too important a thing to not consider.


We must turn to God from all of our wickedness. This means that I must actually believe that what God says is wrong is actually wrong. There is so much in our lives that we do not question; however, Amos points out that much of our normal behavior is evil in the sight of God. If we want to escape God’s judgment and live, we must repent.

God will be gracious

This brings us to the central message of not just Amos but the whole Bible, God is gracious to those who repent. God’s judgment is coming, but He does not take delight in destroying people. He takes delight in forgiving those who come to Him through His Son Jesus. The whole point of the Bible is that God is a gracious God Who forgives all who repent and believe in His Son. People who reject the Bible far too often focus on God’s judgment without acknowledging that God has made a way for each and every person to escape this judgment. He will be gracious to everyone who repents.


Will you take some time to contemplate Amos’ message? Will you repent and come to God through Jesus? Will you tell others of God’s grace?


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