God is the Only Circumstance (John 14:27-31)

God is the Only Circumstance (John 14:27-31)

We continue today looking at Jesus’ teachings on peace and comfort.

Worldly peace

This world offers us peace. This peace is primarily in a change of circumstances. Peace in the home is found by divorce, a child moving out, our spouse changing, etc. Financial peace is found in us winning the lottery, getting a new job, inheriting money, etc. The world’s view of peace is the absence of problems through a change of circumstances.

Jesus offers something different

Throughout His life Jesus was at peace no matter His circumstances. He slept through the storm (Matthew 8:24.) He was betrayed, suffered, and died with joy (Hebrews 12:2.) Jesus definitely saw His fair share of suffering, but He went through these circumstances with an inner peace. Jesus offers us this inward peace that quiets our troubled hearts. This peace is not based upon circumstances changing or the absence of problems. It is a peace that is beyond human comprehension (Philippians 4:7.)

We do not grieve as others

As Christians we know that departing and being with Christ is far better (Philippians 1:23.) Our desire is to see the Father (John 14:8.) As such we do not grieve like others do when our believing loved ones die. We rejoice for them although we grieve for ourselves. It is this faith and hope that Jesus is going to instill in His disciples through His death and resurrection

The World’s system is incompatible with Christ’s

We should not marvel that the world hates Christianity (1 John 3:13.) Christianity is completely incompatible with this world. It should not surprise us that feminists, homosexuals, and others would rather have the hatred of Islam than the love of Christianity. Christianity is the antithesis of this world’s philosophy. To be first you must be last. To be exalted you must be humbled. To rule you must serve. To live you must die. Why should we think that the path for peace for a Christian is any different? Remember that Jesus’ shunned health, wealth, power, and popularity through the temptations of Satan (Matthew 4:1-11.) Why would we seek those things for peace and comfort?

Peace in trials gives glory to God

Like the story of Job teaches us, God is most glorified by people praising Him in the worst of situations not the best of situations. Jesus love for the Father is seen most clearly in His suffering and death (Philippians 2:5-11.) It is our peace in the midst of horrible circumstances that sets us apart from our world. This peace glorifies God and is a tremendous testimony to a watching world.


Do you know the peace that comes through Jesus Christ? Are you being sucked into the world’s way of thinking? Will you renew your mind (Romans 12:1-2)?


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