God’s Judgment is Certain (Amos 3:1-8)

God’s Judgment is Certain (Amos 3:1-8)

Amos brings out a point that is counter to what we would expect from God: He begins His judgment with His people. This is what Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 5 and what Peter tells us as well. The reason for this is found in Hebrews 13, God disciplines His own children. We cannot believe that we will escape God’s judgment because of who we are. If we are His children we should expect His judgment and correction.

God’s judgment is certain

Amos now looks at many different things that go hand in hand. He uses many different illustrations that have one main point: cause and effect are certain. Certain actions always produce certain reactions. His point is that sin always brings God’s judgment. This is because God is good and just. God punishes all sin without exception. Every sin will certainly produce judgment from God.

Why Amos is speaking

Amos has heard what God is going to do, so he will not be silent. He must speak and proclaim God’s coming judgment upon Israel for their sins. He is simply doing what anyone else would do in his place.

We must proclaim God’s justice

Like Amos we must proclaim that God’s judgment on sin is certain. We must tell people that God will punish all sin without exception. God will judge every man’s work and condemn sinful men to hell. There is no way we can avert or escape God’s judgment; it is certain.

The Gospel

This is the whole point of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. God will punish all sin; because of this Jesus became sin for us. He died the death we deserved. He bore the wrath of God for our sins. God did not lay aside our punishment; our punishment was laid upon His Son. We must tell people to flee from the wrath of God and flee to Jesus Christ for forgiveness of sin.


Will you believe in Jesus Christ today? Will you tell others of God’s judgment? Will you tell others of the grace He has extended in His Son Jesus?

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