God’s Love for His Church (John 17:20-26)

God’s Love for His Church (John 17:20-26)

In this passage, Jesus shows us what true Christianity truly is. He also shows us how the Spirit draws men to faith.

God’s love for the Church

Before we were ever born God loved us and sent His Son. Before we could ever even rebel against Him, Jesus loved us and prayed for us. Everything we have in Christ is because of God and His love for His people.

The Church’s unity

Just as the Trinity is three distinct beings united into one inseparable God, so the church is many distinct beings operating as one unified whole. The church is unified. Those who would divide the church are wolves, not sheep.

Belief in the Gospel

It is the unity of the church that God uses to bring people to faith in the Gospel. A unified church will see people respond in faith to the proclamation of the Gospel. A divided church can preach the same Gospel to little or no effect. In our divided world we have one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. We have the opportunity to show the world what unity looks like and how it is brought about. It is our unity that will be used of God to bring people to believe that God loved us and sent His Son.

Wanting others to experience our joy

Just as Jesus experienced joy in the presence of God, so we enjoy God’s presence and fellowship with one another. However, Jesus left that perfect fellowship to seek us out so that we might be where He is and experience the glory of God. Like Christ, we must be willing to leave our fellowship and joy in order to seek out the lost and bring them to Christ so that they might share in our joy.

It is all because of God’s love

The defining mark of a Christian is love. Islam has traditional marriage, opposition to pornography and homosexuality, modesty, head coverings, gender distinctions, patriotism, etc. These “traditional values” do not define Christianity. It is only the love of God that defines a Christian. The fruit of the Spirit is love! It is the love of God that brings about the unity of the Church. How can the Jesus in me not want to be around the Jesus in you? Simply put, it cannot be that way. Those who are not united with the people of God are not saved.


Are you united with the people of God? Do you see yourself growing in love for the people of God? Will you team up with other believers and go reach the lost?


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