Honoring Fathers (Ephesians 6:1-4)

Honoring Fathers (Ephesians 6:1-4)

This Sunday is Father’s Day. God has commanded us to honor our fathers.

The meaning of “honor”

The Hebrew word for “honor” literally means large or weighty. It conveys the idea of treaty something with a huge amount of importance. The Greek word for “honor” literally means to value. When we speak of honoring fathers it means that we view fathers as being extremely important and of the highest value.

We must honor fatherhood

Our society has constantly minimized the importance of fathers in the lives of children. Fathers have been portrayed as bumbling idiots who are nothing more than grown up children themselves. This has boiled over into custody cases where fathers’ rights are rarely recognized. However, fathers are huge factors in children’s lives for good or for bad. An absent father can be as equally detrimental as a good father can be beneficial. We must honor fatherhood by emphasizing the weight, importance, and value of dads. Fathers are not expendable or replaceable.

We must honor our fathers

We should realize the importance of our fathers and treat them as such. We should always speak respectfully and with honor towards our fathers. As Paul says, this means that we should obey our fathers. This obedience should be done respectfully and joyfully. This does not mean that we condone the sins of our fathers or go along with their sinful ways. In fact Paul adds that obedience is only to be “in the Lord” or that which is in line with God’s commands. However, even when our fathers are wrong we must speak respectfully and continue to honor them.

Wives and mothers must model this respect for their children. Even though you may have problems with your child’s father, you must recognize the massive importance he plays in your child’s life. You must teach your child to honor their father in spite of your personal differences.

Fathers must be honorable

Fathers must recognize the massive role they play in the lives of their children. They must use their weighty influence for good. Fathers cannot expect someone else to do their job for them. They must embrace their role and step up to the plate. God will give you the strength to be the father you need to be.


Will you honor your father and the father of your children?


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