“Hope for the Hurting” – Psalm 10:13-18

“Hope for the Hurting” – Psalm 10:13-18

As we have seen the Psalmist begins in despair wondering where God is in all of the evil he sees. The wicked men are murdering poor people in their greed. We ended last time with the attitude of the greedy: God doesn’t care about what they are doing.

The attitude of the wicked

The wicked man truly has a flippant attitude towards God. They show a contempt or disregard for His authority. In their self-righteousness they go so far as to actually believe that God will never judge them for their actions. As we see their temporary prosperity it is easy to fall into despair like the psalmist does here.

The truth

God in His grace now lifts the psalmist out of his despair and gives him hope. This hope is found in the truth; God does see, and God will make things right. God sees not only the big sins, but God also sees the little attitudes that are so often concealed from others.

Hope for the believer

The truth here encourages the psalmist. His tune now changes to a far more upbeat and confident pattern of thought. He now speaks of the poor committing themselves to God because He protects and delivers them. God helps even the most destitute of orphans. God will punish the wicked; He will find and punish all sin. The oppression will come to an end because of God’s actions on behalf of His people. There will come a time without sin or oppression. Believers in Jesus Christ have a tremendous hope for a perfect future.

Hope for the oppressed

In the conclusion of the psalm we see a familiar theme; God has aligned Himself with the most oppressed people, orphans. Those who are hurting and oppressed can find hope in Jesus Christ.


It is easy to throw our arms up in despair and quit. It is easy to even let the thinking of this world influence our own. However, it is truth that lifts us up and gives us hope. What is this truth? God sees. God knows. God will come through for His people. God will right every wrong and judge every sin.

  • Will you humble yourself and trust in Jesus as the sacrifice for your sins?

  • Will you take hope in the victory of Jesus Christ over sin?

  • Will you tell others about Jesus?


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