“Killing Poor People for Profit”

“Killing Poor People for Profit”

Text: Psalm 10:8-12

Main thoughts:

Last week we saw the proud heart behind the oppression of the poor. This week we look at the actual oppression of the poor. The lies, deceit, and cursing move into actual actions.

Secret sins

As we read of the oppression of the poor it is very evident that this all takes place in secret. Even though we will all eventually see this oppression, we need to remember that it is always done in a manner that obscures what is actually going on. There are many different ways in which this takes place, but the main point is that the true motive is concealed.


It is abundantly evident that the wicked man will stop at nothing in his greed. In fact, this passage focuses almost exclusively on murder for profit. This shows the insatiable nature of sin. Greed has no limits.

The poor

When we think of greed, we normally think of millions and millions of dollars. However, greed is also seen in wanting even the smallest amount of money. This is what is so distressing to the Psalmist. The wicked men will kill poor people for profit. They do not care about human suffering; they only care about money.

No concern for God’s judgment

It should not surprise us that the people who do these things have zero concern for God’s judgment. They, in fact, do not think that God will hold these things against them as sin. Their hearts are so hard that they can sin in the most heinous way and still consider themselves right with God.

Crying out to God

The psalmist cries out to the only One Who can do something, God. His observations of his society drives him to prayer. It also drives him to speak out against the evil publicly as he does in this psalm.


Psalm 10 is an accurate description of America today. The greed and murder of the innocents is covered up with nice sounding terminology, politics, and distracting news. Consider this:

  • Planned Parenthood is largely in the poorest neighborhoods in America. They brought in $1.67 billion in 2017-2018 gross, with almost $250 million dollars in profit. They make this money literally murdering innocent babies for profit. They receive tax payer money and are considered “non-profit.”

  • Pharmaceutical companies have purposely obscured cures in pursuit of ongoing treatments. Why? Curing patients is not profitable. We literally kill sick people for money.

  • Hedge funds will bankrupt research companies that are researching cures for diseases such as cancer. Why? They profit off the bankruptcy. Again, killing people for profit.

  • Endless wars continue for one reason, profit. Why would our country leave billions of dollars of equipment in Afghanistan? Simple. The company that produced the equipment will now get more tax payer dollars to make more. Again, sacrificing people for money.

  • Many companies use slave and child labor in mining materials and manufacturing their products. The working conditions in some of the factories are so horrid that it drives people to suicide. Why? Greed.

  • The porn industry and sex trafficking have an extremely high suicide rate among the women they exploit. The abuse continues. Why? The love of money.

As believers we need to repent of our apathetic attitude. We need to get on our knees and cry out to God to stop the atrocities of our nation. We then in turn need to cry out as the psalmist does here and speak against this unbridled greed.

Will you turn to Jesus today to change your heart, attitude, and actions?


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