“Living for God’s Glory” – Psalm 30:1-12

“Living for God’s Glory” – Psalm 30:1-12

There are two prevailing theories behind the background of Psalm 30. One is that it is a song when David dedicated his palace. The other is that this was written when David purchased the threshing floor of Auruna for the site for the temple. This is based on the Hebrew word for house also being the word for temple. Either way, the content should be read as David’s reflection on how God has brought him through turmoil to a place of peace and rest.

Praise for deliverance

David pauses and looks back on his life. There have been times of great despair where he felt like he was going to die. In all of these things God has come through for him and delivered him. Because of this David is going to lift up and exalt the Lord.

Inviting others to praise God with him

David now invites others to join him in his praise of the Lord. He knows that others may be in times of God’s discipline. They may also be in times of grief, sadness, and pain. He reminds us that God’s discipline is short and for our good. His love for us though is forever. Our weeping is temporary but our joy will be eternal.

David’s complacency

After David had enjoyed some level of peace, he became complacent. He believed that all turmoil was behind him. He forgot that it was God’s favor that had brought him peace and security. God in turn hid His face so that David might seek Him anew.

David’s prayer

David now records his prayers in his times of difficulty. He asked for God to show him mercy and help him. He also made the argument that he was living his life for God’s glory, therefore God should preserve his life. Notice his prayer is for God to be glorified, and his prayer is dependent upon God’s character, not his works.

Praise for deliverance

Now that David is experiencing a measure of peace he gives God all the glory and praise. He is going to praise God with the entirety of his being. He refuses to be silent and declares that he will praise God forever.


We will all experience suffering in this life. This suffering though is temporary. God will come through for us in the person of Jesus Christ and deliver us from evil. However, we can become complacent and think that our prosperity will last. God will allow calamity in our lives to renew our focus on Him. We must turn to the Lord and live for His glory. We must sing His praises forever.

Have you become complacent?

Will you live for God’s glory in your suffering?

Will you praise God for His deliverance?

Do you know the salvation that is found in Jesus?


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