Marriage is Temporary (Matthew 22:23-30)

Marriage is Temporary (Matthew 22:23-30)

The Sadducees ask Jesus about marriage in the Resurrection (heaven, eternity.) His answer bothers many Christians. He emphatically states that no one is married in heaven. Your wife will no longer be your wife; your husband will no longer be your husband. Why does this clear teaching bother us so much?

Why we err

Jesus’ answer bothered the Sadducees as well. The reason? They were ignorant of Scripture and the power of God. Although we think we have it figured out, there is much about God and His Word that we do not truly know or apply to our lives. If we understand Scripture and God’s nature we would accept what Jesus says here.

Why is there no marriage in eternity?

A simple understanding of Scripture gives us Jesus’ answer. We were created for God and to enjoy Him forever. Eternity is the fulfillment of God’s sacrificial, covenantal love for His people, the Church. Marriage was simply created to be a picture of this far greater reality. When reality comes the picture is no longer needed (1 Corinthians 13:10.)

Live for the day your marriage ends

As crazy as this may seem this is actually the key to a happy marriage. You will be single for a 1,000,000,000,000+ years and so will your spouse. You need to be preparing yourself and your spouse for eternity. God has given you 40-60 years with your spouse so that you can prepare them to hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your lord.” If you do this, you will be a well adjusted person married to a well adjusted person. The key to a happy marriage is living for eternity knowing that your spouse will have to answer to God by themselves and preparing for that day.

This world or the next

Essentially marital happiness can be boiled down to this, “Are you living for this world or the next?” Is your concern temporal happiness or eternal bliss? Are you concerned about your spouse’s eternal soul or their temporary contribution to your happiness?


Are you living for eternity? Will you prepare for the day of judgment? Will you help others prepare?


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