“Misconceptions About Christianity” – Psalm 10:1-3

“Misconceptions About Christianity” – Psalm 10:1-3

We know little about the background of Psalm 10. All we know is that the author is struggling spiritually because he sees the wicked oppressing the poor. As we look at Psalm 10 the context shows us that there are four misconceptions about Christianity that are not true in light of what the Psalmist teaches us

Pain is a part of Christianity

We so often view coming to faith in Jesus as the end to all of our troubles. In reality, the opposite is more true. Following Jesus is a path of pain. Remember that there are entire books of the Bible dedicated to pain and suffering. Job and Lamentations are books that are entirely about the pain and suffering of godly people. Hebrews calls people to follow Jesus knowing it will result in pain. Jesus was a “man of sorrows and acquainted with grief.”

This is why we must study the Psalms. The Psalms is literally a roller coaster of emotion. Psalm 9 is confidence in God. Psalm 10 is, “God abandoned me in my time of greatest need.” When our music and preaching do not reflect the full plethora of Christian experience we are needlessly hurting other believers, especially those who are struggling.

Questioning God is biblical

The Psalmist begins by questioning why God seems to have left him. This sounds very similar to the cry of Jesus on the cross, “Why have you forsaken me?” Unfortunately many believers have adopted the view that these type of questions are sins and wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our pain and suffering is intended to drive us TO Jesus not FROM Jesus. Bring to Him all of your questions, your pain, your struggles, etc. That is biblical.

Feelings of abandonment are biblical

Many times we only give audience to “successful” Christians, and we unknowingly censor struggling brothers and sisters. Every believer will go through times in life where they feel as if God has chosen to ignore them. This is the normal experience of believers. Job, Elijah, Christ, David, Abraham, and a host of others all felt the same way. They knew God’s character and promises yet God seemed to forget about them. Again, it is important for us to be honest about true Christian experience. These feelings are normal, but these feelings should drive us TO Jesus not FROM Jesus.

Financial oppression is a major issue

The last misconception we must address is really seen in the entire theme of this Psalm. Many people view Christianity as only caring about people’s souls and certain sexual sins. However, financial oppression is a massive sin that is addressed all over Scripture. This is the trouble that the Psalmist is singing about. God understands the plight of the poor and hates greed. This is a major theme in the prophets, the apostles, and the teachings of John and Jesus. It should be a major theme in our lives as well.


The Psalmist see all of the wickedness of his day and is perplexed that God seems to do nothing. He knows God’s Law and pleads with God to make things right.

Will you run to Jesus with your suffering and struggles?

Will you study Scripture so that you might have a better understanding of economic oppression?

Will you proclaim the Jesus is the only solution to this problem and point people to Him?


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