“Patiently Wait on the Lord” – Psalm 37:26-40

“Patiently Wait on the Lord” – Psalm 37:26-40

Main thoughts:
As David continues discussing the prosperity of the wicked versus the suffering of the righteous, we now come to his conclusion.

(27-33) Keep walking in righteousness
When we see the wicked prospering, it can be difficult to find the motivation to continue to do what is right. David encourages us to keep doing what is right. God loves justice and will not abandon us. We must continue to boldly proclaim what is right. As we proclaim God’s law and walk in it, God preserves us and upholds us. Although the wicked will continue to plot against the righteous, God will prevail on behalf of His people.

(34-40) Wait on God’s deliverance
As an old man, David realizes that God’s timing has never been his timing, so he tells us to wait on God. Keep patiently doing what is right. You will see God make all things right in the end. David has seen God do this time after time. God always preserves His own, and the wicked never prosper in the end. God saves and upholds those who trust Him. Salvation is God’s doing; our part is simply to run to Him in faith.

Even when righteousness does not appear to pay, we must continue to do what is right. The Christian life is one of faith, not sight. We must continue to proclaim God’s Word and walk in obedience knowing that one day our faith will be sight. God will make things right. Until that day, we must continue to be patient and wait on His timing. He will do it; we must not take matters into our own hands. We must run to Him and trust Him to save us.

Will you run to Jesus for salvation?

Will you patiently obey Him even when you do not see results?


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