Permanent Joy (John 16:16-30)

Permanent Joy (John 16:16-30)

The disciples are confused because Jesus keeps telling them that in a little while they will not see Him and then in a little while they will see Him again. Jesus explains that this is about His upcoming death and resurrection.

The disciples will experience sorrow

Jesus is very clear that the disciples will experience immense pain, suffering, sorrow, and loss by watching Him die. To add to this pain, the world will rejoice at the crucifixion of Jesus. As Christians, faith in Jesus does not exempt us from suffering. We will experience much pain, suffering, sorrow, and loss. As we follow Jesus, the world will add to our pain by rejoicing in our suffering.

Jesus’ resurrection will bring permanent joy

This immense pain will turn to indescribable joy when they see Jesus risen from the dead. Because Jesus has defeated sin, death, and the devil, this joy is permanent and can never be taken away by any one. As Christians, the Resurrection of Jesus gives us permanent joy even in the midst of immense sorrow. This is why we grieve differently than others (1 Thessalonians 4:13.) Even in the midst of the greatest pain and suffering, we have a secure hope in Jesus that gives us an inner peace and joy.

Jesus has opened the way to the Father

Jesus death tore down the veil of the temple that kept men from God’s presence. Now, because of Jesus, we can enter into the Father’s presence, cast our cares upon Him, and experience the joy of His presence. God will hear our prayers because of Jesus and give us what we need through our earthly journey. This relationship we now enjoy with the Father gives us overflowing joy.

God loves us

In the midst of our trials and suffering, we can be tempted to believe that God has abandoned us, hates us, or at the very least has stopped loving us. Because Jesus has risen from the dead we know that this is not true. The greatest evidence that God loves us is that He sent His Son to die for our sins. Because of this, we know that nothing can separate us from the love of God (Romans 8:18-39.) This brings us immense, permanent joy!


Do you know the joy that Jesus brings even in the midst of sorrow? Will you believe in Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection?


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