Raised from the Dead (John 11:38-46)

Raised from the Dead (John 11:38-46)

Jesus has told the disciples that Lazarus sickness was going to display His glory. He waited until Lazarus died before beginning His journey. He is now weeping at Lazarus tomb.

Trust the Lord in order to see His glory

Jesus asks them to do something that was crazy and offensive. He asked them to open Lazarus tomb. Lazarus’ body has been rotting for several days now, so they object to His request. However, Jesus reassures them to trust Him in order to see His glory. Even in the darkest of times God will ask us to do things that are difficult and sometimes even crazy to our earthly minds. However, if we trust Him we will see His glory.

Jesus is praying for you when you think He has abandoned you

As Jesus prays, it becomes obvious that Jesus has known all along what He was going to do. He has been praying about this for quite some time; in fact, He has prayed so much about this that He only prays at Lazarus’ tomb for the sake of the people present. Sometimes we feel like Jesus does not care and has abandoned us. However, before the struggle ever began Jesus knew what He was going to do. The whole time we are struggling Jesus is praying for us to the Father.

Lazarus’ resurrection should cause us to trust Christ

Jesus raised a dead, rotting man to life so that we would believe in Him. The story of Lazarus should dispel our skepticism and unbelief. It should cause us to trust Christ not only for salvation but in our everyday circumstances as well.

Christians have been raised from the dead like Lazarus

Lazarus’ resurrection is a beautiful picture of salvation. We are dead in sin, and Jesus raises us from the dead. This new life is brought about solely by His grace and not our works. Like Lazarus we answer His call to salvation and come out of our dark tomb and into His light. However, like Lazarus was wrapped in grave clothes we are still encumbered by our flesh and unable to truly follow Christ as we desire. We must crucify our flesh and lay aside the sin that so easily besets us so that we can run the race that is set before us.


Will you trust Christ even in the darkest of times? Will you obey Him even when it does not make sense? Will you help new Christians in their walk? Will you lay aside the sin that is tripping you in your walk?


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