Resentment or Repentance? (Amos 6:8-14)

Resentment or Repentance? (Amos 6:8-14)

Major destruction coming

God abhors the violent oppression of the poor. Because of this He is going to utterly devastate the nation of Israel. There will be so much death that extended family members will have to bury their whole family because there will be no one left. Literally entire households will die in the coming judgment.

Resentment instead of repentance

The people are going to react to the judgment by refusing to mention God’s name. Even though God has repeatedly warned them and given them a way to escape the coming judgment, they will blame God for their troubles. You can see massive amounts of anger and resentment pouring out of their hearts. They will be so angry with God that they will not even want His name mentioned.

Judgment is their own fault

Even though the people blame God and resent Him for the coming judgment, Amos shows them that it is their own fault. They have hard hearts that have refused correction. They loathe doing what is right and just.

Ridiculous self-confidence

Amos then chides them for their self-confidence against God’s judgment. They believe that they are strong enough to escape judgment and defeat any opponent. However, they cannot withstand God. He will judge them for their sin.

For us today

We live in a day where many people have anger, bitterness, and resentment towards God. We must realize that this bitterness many times comes from pain they have experienced that they are now blaming God for. We must graciously tell them to quit blaming God and seek Him. God forgives those who repent and comforts those who are hurting. Our anger towards God does nothing but hurt us. Jesus waits to comfort and heal the hurting (Matthew 11:28-30.) Spurgeon once said, “The same sun that melts wax hardens clay.” Our pain is either going to cause us to run to Jesus or away from Jesus. We must run to Jesus with our pain, not let it drive us from Him.


Will you quit blaming God for all your problems and accept responsibility for your own sin? Will you take the way of escape that God has offered you in Jesus? Will you bring your pain to Jesus?


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