Selfishness Brings Judgment (Amos 4:1-3)

Selfishness Brings Judgment (Amos 4:1-3)

Well fed cows

Amos calls the women of Israel “Cows of Bashan.” Bashan was a place known for its fine beef; all the cattle there were well fed. Amos is not making fat jokes; instead Amos is pointing out the luxurious lifestyle they lived at the expense of the poor. These well fed women were surrounded by starving masses of poor people. The issue with their gluttony was that they only cared about themselves. Like the Rich Man they ate like gluttons while the poor starved in the streets outside their home (Luke 16.)

Oppression of the poor

Not only did they completely disregard the poor, they lived in luxury at the expense of the poor. They were wealthy because they got their money off oppressing poor people. Like a slave master gaining wealth off of a poor slave so they got rich off the labor of the poor of their day.

Fine wine instead of compassion

These wealthy women would send their husbands to buy the most expensive wine. The issue here was once again not the wine. The issue is that while they spent large sums of money on wine they would not spend a dime on their poor neighbors. They completely disregarded the cries of the poor and hurting around them.

God judges selfishness

Because the wealthy and powerful had no regard for the poor God is going to take them away as slaves. They will become the broken, oppressed, and poor. Someone who is right with God will have compassion and love for others (1 John 4:20-21.) If they do not care for the hurting and broken they will be cast into hell. The mark of someone who is born again through faith in Jesus is their care and concern for the poor (Matthew 25.)


Do you live a luxurious life at the expense of others? Do you have a compassion for the hurting that moves you to give? Will you share the Gospel with the hurting and broken?


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