Singleness (1 Corinthians 7:6-8, 32-35)

Singleness (1 Corinthians 7:6-8, 32-35)

Why study singleness?

Most marital problems are personal and spiritual issues that existed in both individuals before they were married. What you struggle with as a single person will explode when you get married. We also have a wrong view of singleness; we believe that there must be something wrong with a person if they are not married. Also, our view of marriage is far more influenced by our culture than Jesus Christ. Everyone who is married was single first; to have happy marriages we have to fix the singleness issue.

Singleness is good

It is a good thing to be single. God is glorified by single people. Being single does not mean that there is something wrong with you. God has created us to be satisfied and complete in Him alone. You do not need a member of the opposite sex to give your life meaning and value. We must seek contentment in Jesus alone.

We must seek the Kingdom of God, not marriage

God’s emphasis is not necessarily on singleness as opposed to marriage; it is on singleness of purpose whether single or married. We must seek the Kingdom of God, not marriage. We must raise our children to seek the first the Kingdom, not college, careers, marriage, etc. We were not created for marriage; we were created to glorify God. It is living for God’s Kingdom that produces healthy individuals and healthy marriages. Most Christians will end up getting married, and they will glorify God primarily through their marriages and families. However, that is the main point, they will live for God’s glory whether single or married.

Our primary issue is God not the opposite sex

We think of spiritual problems and sin almost exclusively on a horizontal scale, how we treat other people. However, the Bible speaks of spiritual problems and sin on an almost exclusively vertical scale, how we have treated God. We must first fix our relationship with God through Jesus and what He has done. A right relationship with God is what enables us to have right relationships with others.


Will you seek first the Kingdom? Will you trust in Jesus’ death and resurrection to restore you to God?


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