Sinning Against a Good God (Amos 2:9-16)

Sinning Against a Good God (Amos 2:9-16)

God’s care for Israel

God now recounts His dealings with the nation of Israel. He tells how He delivered them from slavery and brought them out of Egypt. He tells how He guided them and brought them into the Promise Land. He tells how He defeated their enemies and gave them their land.

God’s grace towards Israel’s children

God did not just care for their forefathers, and He didn’t just care for them. He bestowed tremendous honor upon their children. What greater honor could you have than your child being chosen by God to be a prophet or a Nazirite? God showed such grace and honor to the Israelites and their children.

Israel’s response

Israel did not sin against God because of His neglect. God did nothing to deserve their rejection, yet they rejected Him anyway. God had done nothing but bless Israel, but they turned their backs on Him. They even went so far as to oppose their own children that God had blessed as prophets and Nazirites. They tried to convince their own children to forsake God and break their vows.

Judgment will come

God has had enough of the mistreatment by the Israelites. Because of this sin against God’s goodness judgment will come and no one will be spared. God has every right to punish those who sin; how much more should those who sin against such grace be punished?

God’s grace to us and our response

Take a moment to think about all that God has done for you. How blessed were your ancestors? How blessed were your parents? How blessed are your children? How much has God given you and done for you? How have you responded? Shouldn’t such a good and gracious God receive so much better treatment from us?

God judgment is just

It is one thing to mistreat someone who has abused you; it is quite another thing to mistreat someone who has lavished grace upon grace upon you. Our sinful response to God’s grace deserves the severest of judgments (Hebrews 10:29.) We must repent or we will not escape God’s judgment (Hebrews 2:3.)


Will you repent for how you have responded to God’s grace? Will you begin to tell others what He has done for you and live for His glory? Will you receive the forgiveness of sins that Jesus purchased on the cross?


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