The Church is a Family

The Church is a Family

As we look at the Church in Acts 2 and following, we see a very tight-knit community. They are marked by:

Constant fellowship

The Church was constantly together. They were daily in each other’s homes. They were constantly gathering for worship and fellowship. They were a distinct community.

Sharing of possessions

The Christians freely shared their possessions. This was done without any compulsion. It is clear from Acts 5:4 that this sharing of needs was completely voluntary. They gave to each other because of the love of God that overflowed their hearts.

Meals in each other’s homes

The people of God were constantly, even daily, in each other’s homes. They met for worship, but they also met for meals. The first church building was not erected until around A.D. 240. For 200 years the early church met in homes. The home of Peter has been excavated in Capernaum, and it is evident from the ruins that the church met often in his home. This is part of the reason that “given to hospitality” is one of the requirements to be an elder.


The Church did everything as one. It was as if they only had one heart guiding them. More properly, they all had the same indwelling Spirit Who guided their lives.

True hospitality

The Greek word for hospitality literally means “brotherly love for strangers.” Because of Christ these believers are now brothers and sisters. They are the Family of God. As such, they treat each other like family. True families fellowship, share possessions, eat meals together, and are unified. The fact that the Church is a family is what brought about such a perfect Christian community.


Are you part of the Family of God? Have you been born again? Will you treat your family like family?


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