The Death of Death in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:4)

The Death of Death in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ (Romans 6:4)

Man’s problem is death

As human beings we know that something is not right in our world; however, we believe that man is basically good. In light of this we refer to especially sinful people as “sick.” We blame everything in our society on something other than a deep malady within all of us. Because of this we turn to morality, ethics, and laws as the cure for the sickness. Most people say things like, “We need to be in church more” or “I need to stop drinking.” These betray a wrong diagnosis of the problem. Man is not sick; man is dead. Man’s problem is not what he does; man’s problem is what he is.

The Resurrection is the solution

If man’s problem is what he does the solution is to do something different. If man’s problem is who he is then he must be made something else. If man is dead, he must be raised to new life. This is why Christianity is based solely upon the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christianity is not an ethic or values system. It is not going to church, believing in God, or morality. The central teaching of Christianity is that dead sinners can be raised from the dead and given a new life by the power of Jesus’ resurrection.

The death of death

Many people try to reform their ways, and eventually they will fall back into their old habits. Even if man could succeed in becoming moral he would still die and face God’s wrath. Hell is filled with many moral people. Morality cannot save us from death. The only thing that can finally kill death is the resurrection from the dead. Jesus’ resurrection is the final blow to death. What God provides in Jesus is not a temporary solution; it is a permanent solution, the death of death. This also means that it does not matter who you were or what you have done. Jesus offers you a new life based upon His life, not your own actions.


This is the central teaching of Christianity. This is why a person is baptized. Baptism represents a dead man being raised to new life by the power of Jesus. Do you believe that Jesus died on the cross for your sin? Do you believe that He rose again to give you new life? Will you be baptized to show that you have been given a new life through faith in Jesus?


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