“The Forgiven Life” – Psalm 32:6-11

“The Forgiven Life” – Psalm 32:6-11

Main thoughts:

After teaching us how blessed it is to have our sins forgiven, David now teaches us how we should live in light of this forgiveness.

Constant Prayer

Because God has forgiven our sins we have access to Him in prayer through Jesus Christ. Forgiven people cry out to God in prayer constantly. We also confess our sins immediately. There will come a time when God closes the door of mercy; however, the forgiven man runs to God so that he might be preserved from the wrath to come. Forgiven people are constantly praying and quick to confess sins.

Divine deliverance

Forgiven people will endure trials in this life. There will be hurts and difficulties. However, the forgiven life is marked by God’s divine protection over His children. He will preserve them, and they will not face His judgment.

Submission to the Holy Spirit

Forgiven people also submit themselves to the Holy Spirit. God will discipline His own. He will tear down our idols and cause us to walk in His ways (Ezekiel 36:25-27.) We must submit to His Spirit or He will force us to. We can not be like a stubborn donkey or horse, or He will put a bit in our mouths and force us to do His will.

The pain of disobedience

If we hide our sin and refuse the forgiveness that is found in Christ it will be a painful road filled with sorrows. There is pleasure in sin, but it does not last. Sin will bring about pain and sorrow in our lives.


If we trust in Jesus Christ, our lives will be filled with joy. The road may be hard, but we have much to be happy about. What greater blessing is there than sins forgiven?


Will you turn to the Lord before it is too late?

Will you praise God for His grace?


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