“The Golden Psalm” (Part Two) – Psalm 16:6-11

“The Golden Psalm” (Part Two) – Psalm 16:6-11

In the first part of this Psalm we saw many of the principles by which David lived his life. In the latter part of the Psalm we see David’s reflection on the goodness of God. This leads into more and more joy in God. The end of the Psalm shows David’s faith in the resurrection of the Messiah.

Reflecting on God’s blessings

David now considers the lot in life that God has bestowed upon him and sees that it is very good. God has blessed him beyond what he could have ever deserved. God has given him a beautiful life. He see all of this as coming directly from God’s hand, laid out for him.

Praising God for direction

As David reflects on the lines God has drawn for him, he acknowledges that God has been the One Who has directed his life. He praises God for the counsel and direction He has given him. Even in the darkest of times God has guided and kept David.

Looking forward

David now fixes his eyes on the Lord. He sees God as being at hand guiding and directing his life. He sees what God is going to do and this gives him confidence for the future. Nothing is going to move him or shake his confidence away from God. Because of this his heart overflows with gladness and joy. He can now rest in peace without worrying about what the future holds for him.

The Messiah’s resurrection

What is it that David sees that gives him such hope? He sees the resurrection of the Messiah. He speaks in a manner that identifies and intertwines his life and future with that of the Holy One. This passage is quoted by Peter in Acts 2. Peter points out that this Psalm is not ultimately about David because David’s body has rotted long ago. This is referring to the Holy One, the Messiah.

David can die in hope that he will find eternal life because of the resurrection of the coming Messiah. Just as the Messiah will not stay in the grave, so too David will be raised. Because of the Messiah’s resurrection David has eternal life and complete access to the joy and pleasure that are found in the Messiah Who is now seated at God’s right hand.


This Psalm shows us joy in God’s presence through faith in the Messiah. As human beings we are constantly seeking joy, happiness, and pleasure. This is how we were created. Sin has distorted these desires in that we seek them in everything but the true source of joy and pleasure, God Himself. This is the key to overcoming sin. Instead of seeking joy in the things of this life, we find that joy in God.

Will you praise God for the life He has given you?

Will you praise Him for guiding you to where you are today?

Do you have the hope of eternal life that is found in faith in the Messiah’s resurrection?

Are you seeking the joy and pleasure that is found in Jesus Christ alone?


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