The Holy Spirit Glorifies Jesus (John 16:12-15)

The Holy Spirit Glorifies Jesus (John 16:12-15)

Jesus continues discussing the work of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit guides us into all truth

There are many things that we are unable to understand until we have walked with the Lord for many years. There are some things that are meat, and we cannot receive them until we have matured. The Holy Spirit will guide us into all truth. This process is gradual but sure. He will help us to discern truth from error and to understand all that we read in Scripture.

The Holy Spirit does not speak of Himself

The Holy Spirit is unassuming. It is not about Him; it is about Jesus. Flashy people who are seeking the lime light are showing that they are not filled with the Holy Spirit. Also, the Holy Spirit does not innovate or create. He simply teaches us what is already taught in Scripture. He does not come up with new ideas; He simply enables us to be faithful to the teachings of Jesus Christ.

The Holy Spirit prepares us for the future

Jesus was constantly telling His disciples and others to be ready for His return and ready for the judgment. He warned them of signs accompanying the destruction of Jerusalem and His return. The Holy Spirit will help us to foresee the evil and avoid it (Proverbs 22:3.) He will also focus us our lives on living for the future Day of the Lord.

The Holy Spirit leads us to follow Jesus’ teachings

The Holy Spirit is going to guide His people into conformity to the image and teachings of Jesus Christ. He is going to be constantly reminding us of what God’s Word says. If the Holy Spirit speaks to you, He will always speak in accordance with the Word of God. If it is not in accordance with the Word of God, you can be assured that it is not the Holy Spirit (Isaiah 8:20.)

The Holy Spirit glorifies Jesus

The whole of creation was created for the glory of Jesus Christ. As such, God pours out the Holy Spirit for the glory of Jesus Christ. If someone is filled with the Holy Spirit, they will make much of Jesus. Christ-less Christianity is a contradiction of terms; if you are filled with the Spirit you will glorify Jesus.


Do you see the Holy Spirit leading you into all truth? Do you see the Holy Spirit leading you to glorify Jesus and follow His teachings? What is hindering this work of the Spirit in your life?


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