The Importance of the Virgin Birth (Isaiah 7:14)

The Importance of the Virgin Birth (Isaiah 7:14)

Many people misunderstand Christianity especially as it relates to the virgin birth. When people begin to walk away from Christianity one of the first things they will reject is the virgin birth. Today we will be exploring the idea of what is Christianity and why is the virgin birth so important?

Things are not as they should be

The world around us is broken. We all instinctively know this. Science cannot answer the deepest questions we have. Why am I here? Why do I long for something more than this world can offer me? Why are things not as they are “supposed” to be? When is this going to be “fixed?”

We long for a Redeemer

Every great movie and story has the same plot; a long awaited deliver comes and restores everything. Whether it is the prince in “Sleeping Beauty” or Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” the story is always the same. Something that is not as it should be awaits “The One” who will restore everything. Christianity teaches that all men have a knowledge of God; they know right from wrong, and they know that there is a Redeemer to come.

Nature is imputed

We also know from nature and the teachings of Scripture that nature is imputed. We bear the image of our father. This is also a deep spiritual truth. We bear the sin nature and guilt of Adam. We are born totally depraved. Just as gravity pulls everything downward, we twist and pervert every good thing. We are not guilty before God just because of what we have done. We sinned because we already were sinners by nature; the sin is the fruit of the nature. We are “by nature children of wrath” (Ephesians 2:3.) Because of this, the Redeemer must come bearing a different nature, the nature of God.

God foretold of the coming Redeemer

The Old Testament progressively follows the line of the Redeemer and signs of His coming. There is coming a Deliverer or Messiah. He will be the Anointed One or Christ. He will be a descendant of David born in Bethlehem. However, how many descendants of David will be born in Bethlehem?

The Virgin Birth was the sign

God gives the definitive sign of Who the Messiah will be. He will be born of a virgin. This fulfills the promise made in Genesis that the Deliverer will be born of a woman. This also means that He can impute to us a new nature free from sin and death. If Jesus was not born of a virgin He was just an ordinary man who lied about being the Son of God and died like a common thief. However, if Jesus was born of a virgin He is the Christ, the Son of God, and we must repent and believe in Him. Those who believe in Him will have His nature and righteousness imputed to them. This is the core teaching of Christianity. We do not celebrate a holiday, generosity, or morality. We celebrate the Chosen One, the Christ, born of a Virgin, our Redeemer, Savior, and Lord.


Will you repent of your sin and belief in Jesus as the Christ?


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