The Joy of Victory” – Psalm 21:1-6

The Joy of Victory” – Psalm 21:1-6

Psalm 21 is a song for the king returning from victory in battle. It is divided into two parts. The first part expresses thanksgiving to God for the victory; the second part expresses confidence in future victories. Throughout the whole psalm it is clear that God is the only hope for the king and God alone is to receive the glory and praise.

Rejoicing for answered prayer

The congregation prayed that God would hear the prayers of their king. They now join the king in rejoicing that God has heard his prayers and answered. Everything that they prayed for in Psalm 20 has now come true. Just as they said they would, they now rejoice because has answered the prayers of their king.

Rejoicing for more than was prayed for

God has actually gone beyond what was even prayed for. David was given even more blessings and honor than he ever anticipated from the Lord. Psalm 20 appears to be about David protecting Israel from the invading Ammonites and their mercenaries (1 Chronicles 19.) We see that God did not just protect Israel but gave them an even greater victory than what they prayed for. The crown is probably a reference to 1 Chronicles 20:2 where David does not just defeat the enemy but actually wears the crown of the defeated king. It would appear that Psalm 21 is speaking about how God has gone beyond protecting Israel to expanding their territory.

There is a praise to the Lord here for how long David has lived. David was a warrior king who fought most of his life. Such kings usually do not live very long. However, God has gone beyond everyone’s expectations and given their king a long life.

The blessings on the king’s reign

God has done so much more than preserve David in battle. He has given him honor, glory, and majesty as a king. These blessings on David have flowed down upon the entire nation. Perhaps the greatest blessing that David has received is his close relationship with the Lord. God has truly smiled upon David.

Messianic fulfillment

Psalm 21 is a beautiful picture of Jesus and His work. Just as Jesus battled Satan and sin in His death on the cross He also rose victorious from the grave. God heard the prayers of Christ and raised Him from the dead. However, God has done so much more than this. He has highly exalted Christ and crowned Him King of Kings and Lord of Lords. God has done more than raise Him from the dead, He has bestowed upon Jesus eternal glory and honor. These blessings flow from Jesus down upon all who believe in Him. Just as Jesus now sits at God’s right hand beholding the Father forever, so we too will be in God’s presence forever.


We need to spend more time praising God for answered prayers. He has done so much!

God has answered our prayers beyond what we could have ever even dreamed to ask. We need to pray bigger prayers and trust the Lord’s will when we do not see Him answering our prayers in the timing and way we desire.

God has given us far more than we have even asked for. He has given us eternal life, a home in heaven, and most of all a personal relationship with Him through Jesus. We cannot take this for granted, and this should be our most appreciated blessing.

Lastly, but most importantly, this Psalm points us to our victorious King, Jesus Christ. He has defeated the enemy and rose victorious from the dead. Eternal life and a relationship with God is found in Him. We need to praise God for Jesus!

What do you need to praise God for?

Are you trusting God to do more than you could ask or think?

Do you value your relationship with God as your greatest blessing?

Will you believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection?


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