The Lies of the Snake (Genesis 3:1-6)

The Lies of the Snake (Genesis 3:1-6)

Being a woman is a good thing

God created woman before the fall. As such, being a woman is not a curse, but it is a part of God’s good design. Men and women were created distinctly and differently by God. This distinction between the genders is a good thing. Is it a God-glorifying thing to be a woman.

God’s commands are for our good

All Eve had ever known was good. She had never experienced pain, suffering, evil, or death. God’s command to not eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil was intended for her good. He wanted her to know only good and never experience evil. God’s commands concerning women are for the woman’s good and flourishing. They are not restrictive; they are protective and liberating.

Throwing off God’s commands is a choice to experience pain and suffering

What Eve did was choose to know evil. She chose to experience pain, suffering, brokenness, and death. All sin is a deliberate choice to experience evil. The devil desired to destroy Eve, and he knew that breaking God’s commands would destroy her.

The woman was deceived

Eve believed the devil’s lies that God’s commands were restrictive and oppressive. He convinced Eve to throw off God’s restraints and become all that she could be. Unfortunately Eve believed this lie and chose to experience pain and suffering.

Women today are still believing the lies of the snake

Women today are being told that what God commands women to be is oppressive and restrictive. If they will only throw off God’s commands they will be free to thrive and flourish. However, the opposite has occurred. Women have only brought pain and suffering into their lives through rejecting God’s commands.


Will you embrace what God has created you to be? Will you trust His good design? Will you ignore the lies of the snake? Will you help the females in your life reject the lies of this world?


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