“The Messiah Crucified” – Psalm 22:11-21

“The Messiah Crucified” – Psalm 22:11-21

As we continue looking at Psalm 22 we now come to a perfect description of Jesus’ crucifixion. What is remarkable about this prophecy is that it was made 1000 years before Jesus’ death and 500 years before the first recorded crucifixion.

The Messiah’s faith

As David describes the suffering of the Messiah he once again records the Messiah’s faith in God. The Messiah is still trusting in God in spite of the mocking and suffering He is enduring. He makes it very clear that the Messiah is all alone and has no Deliverer other than God Himself.

The attacks of the enemy

Numerous descriptions are given here concerning what the Messiah is experiencing. In His death it is like He is surrounded by bulls; they are running Him into the ground. His enemies surround Him like lions with their mouths open wide; they want blood and carnage. It was not enough for Jesus to be removed from the picture; they want to see Him humiliated, suffer to the extreme, and destroyed.

The Messiah crucified

In crucifixion the body becomes stretched out and your arms can go out of joint. Here we see this as part of the Messiah’s suffering. Like wax melting, the vital signs of the Messiah are going to slowing fade away. The loss of blood causes extreme thirst. The signs of death become very evident as the Messiah struggles to live. His enemies that have surrounded Him have pierced His hands and feet. The Messiah will die by crucifixion. Because of the extreme beatings Jesus endured His exposed rib cage would be visible. As His body is stretched out on the cross all of His bones would be clearly seen in His mangled body. He dies as a spectacle as people wait for Him to die. His enemies divide His clothing and gamble for His outer cloak.

The Messiah’s continued faith

Even in this suffering and even though the Messiah has been forsaken by God He will still die trusting in God. He cries out to God for deliverance from His enemies. He dies knowing the His prayer has been heard by God as clear as if a bullhorn had bellowed it in His ear. Jesus dies knowing the Father will raise Him from the dead.


This passage points to two main truths:

The love of Jesus for sinners. Jesus suffered immensely for you to be saved. This should cause us to repent and believe in Him.

The faith of Jesus demonstrates what truth faith is. Like Jesus we are to be completely reliant on His atoning death and resurrection; we have no backup plan. We believe that our smallest prayers are heard directly by God, and we can die knowing that our eternity is secure in Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Will you repent of your sin and believe in Jesus Christ?


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