The Messiah’s Triumph – Psalm 22:22-31

The Messiah’s Triumph – Psalm 22:22-31

We now come to the conclusion of David’s song. We have seen the Messiah forsaken by God, mocked by His enemies, and cruelly crucified. Through it all He has maintained His faith in God; He knows God will deliver Him. The Messiah now dies in triumph.

Proclaiming God’s goodness

Even though Jesus is dying a horrible death, He dies for the glory of God. He wants everyone to know how great God is. He wants His resurrection to be proclaimed around the world to everyone. He knows that for all eternity the people of God will praise Him for the death He is dying. When Christ is raised, all the people of God will see God’s goodness and power.

An encouragement to the lowly sufferer

The people of God will suffer in this life as Christ suffered. However, as we feast on Christ and His death and resurrection we are satisfied. Even in earthly pain and suffering, we praise God and rejoice because even though our bodies are being destroyed our soul will live with God forever.

The Messiah sees the reward of His suffering

As Jesus dies He knows that His death accomplishes something; He does not die in vain. Before the foundation of the world God ordained that He would die to redeem a people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. As the Messiah dies He sees His seed (Isaiah 53:10.) Jesus knows that His sacrifice will redeem generations of people that have yet to be born. His death will usher countless millions into the Kingdom of God. These people who will be redeemed by His blood will serve the Lord forever.

It is finished

Seeing all these things and with a heart filled with victory and praise for God, the Messiah dies. Jesus’ last words are words of victory, “It is finished!” Christ has accomplished the salvation of His people. He is victorious. Salvation is accomplished once for all.


As Jesus describes the people who will be saved by His death He distinguishes them from others because they are the ones who seek the Lord and serve Him. Are you part of the people of God?

Jesus dies in triumph. As believers we will go through hard times; however, we cannot despair. We are more than conquerors through Christ. Are you trusting in the Lord for future triumph?

Jesus death accomplished the salvation of His people. Who do you need to tell about Jesus’ triumph over sin, death, and the devil?


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