The Search for Pleasure (Proverbs 16:25)

The Search for Pleasure (Proverbs 16:25)

We were created to find joy in God. However, because of our sinful nature and willful rebellion against God, our heart’s desires are broken.

We seek pleasure everywhere but God

Our internal cravings are broken. We believe that we are craving porn, drunkenness, etc., but what our souls really need is God Himself. These desires seem right, but they can never fulfill us. In our depraved state we will constantly seek after things that bring fleeting pleasure, yet will not satisfy. Our souls crave the pleasure and joy that can only be found in God, yet in our broken state we seek to satisfy those cravings with sin.

We must understand the true needs of our soul

The woman at the well truly believed that she needed a man’s love and affection to be satisfied. However, what she really needed was Christ. We are just like her. We believe that food, sex, marriage, money, etc. will bring us lasting joy and pleasure. This simply is not true. You were created for God, and only He can satisfy your search for joy.

Jesus is the answer to our cravings for pleasure and joy

We must seek Christ for lasting joy and pleasure. We were created for Him, and we will be restless until we find Him.


We must understand that sinful desires are a perversion of the true longings of the soul. We may interpret those longings as a desire for sex, drunkenness, gluttony, etc., but what the soul really needs is Christ. Will you seek Him to satisfy your soul?


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