The Sin of Ammon (Amos 1:13-15)

The Sin of Ammon (Amos 1:13-15)

Amos now turns his attention to the people of Ammon.

Ripping apart pregnant women

The people of Ammon were Israel’s neighbors to the southeast. They bordered the region of Israel known as Gilead, the territory east of the Jordan river. They would invade Gilead and rip open pregnant women in order to kill their unborn children; obviously most of the women died as well.

Enlarging their territory

The reason for this barbaric practice was simple; the Ammonites wanted to enlarge their border. By killing the unborn children they were ensuring that Israel would not have an army within one generation. There would be no one left to inhabit or defend the land. This preying on the defenseless, pregnant women and their unborn children was far easier than fighting an all out war with grown men. Within a few years they would be able to take the Jews’ land without a fight.

What abortion really is

We have sanitized abortion today as a medical procedure done under general anesthesia. Even many pro-life people sanitize abortion and do not realize how barbaric it is. There is no difference between what the Ammonites did and modern day abortion. In an abortion today the unborn child is literally ripped in pieces and pulled piece by piece from his mother’s womb.

The cost to women

As in Amos’ day defenseless women are paying the price for our selfish desires. As if the ripping of children out of their mother’s wombs was not horrific enough, women also pay a high cost for abortions. Abortions lead to PTSD, infertility, depression, and an increased suicide rate. Abortion is also a known cause for breast cancer. Abortion largely enables the objectification and abuse of women. Mothers and pregnant women are no longer respected, protected, and revered; pregnancy and motherhood stands as an obstacle to dehumanizing a woman and turning her into a sex object that exists solely for male pleasure.

For what reason?

Less than 1% of abortions in America are from rape or incest. Most abortions actually put the health of the mother at greater risk than carrying the child and giving birth. There are a few people who have abortions to cover their sin and avoid embarrassment. However, the vast majority of abortions are for convenience or wealth. We are seeking to expand our personal borders of education, career, retirement, etc. Unfortunately most abortion is simply a way to avoid responsibility for our sexual behaviors. “Abortion is the world’s resounding answer to the question, ‘If you had to murder in order to have an unfettered sex life, would you?'” (Rolley Haggard)

America is a barbaric nation

It is horrifying to think of what we have become. The Ammonites ripped unborn children from the wombs of their neighbors. We rip apart our own children, not our neighbors’. If the Ammonites were barbarians, then we are even more barbaric. To put it in perspective, at the time of Amos’ writing the entire world population was approximately 150 million people. Americans have murdered well over a third of that number. If God judged Ammon, He will certainly judge us.

We need Jesus

The point of this passage is to show us that like Ammon we stand condemned. We must flee from the wrath of God to the Messiah who takes away our sin. We must run to Jesus for forgiveness and cleansing. We must seek to help others to find the redemption He gives.


Will you receive the forgiveness that Jesus freely offers? Will you cry out against the murder of innocent children and abuse of women? Will you help women who are suffering from the decision to abort?

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  1. Les Sears

    My goodness… How very very true this Short teaching is..
    There is
    Absolutely…No doubt that what you Have said my friend, is nothing but the Is the absolute truth. How evil and wicked america is and you are Correct. GOD ALMIGHTY..Is.. Without any doubt whatsoever, going to judge this evil nation.

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