“The Wicked Described” – Psalm 10:4-7

“The Wicked Described” – Psalm 10:4-7

We looked last time at how the psalmist is upset at the oppression of the poor and is crying out to God for Him to intervene. He now continues this idea by describing the wicked.

Wicked men are practical atheists

The psalmist does not continue in the thought pattern that we are accustomed to. Instead of speaking against greed, he instead speaks about the character and thoughts of the wicked. This is because the root of greed is a heart that is not right with God. If we are going to fix the problems of our world we must recognize that those problems come from hearts that are not right with God.

The wicked man described here may be religious. Man looks at the outside, but God sees the heart. The wicked man is a man who believes that he is right. Because he believes that he is right he does not submit his ways to God. His thinking is independent of God; he does not seek input from God for his direction in life. This is exactly how Paul describes human depravity in Romans 1. It is this refusal to think about God that leads to all manner of depravity. Many religious people are practical atheist: God is not at the center of their thinking.

Wicked men are beyond correction

The word translated “grievous” is also translated as “prosper.” The Hebrew word simply means to twist or turn. It can be used in the twisting and turning of a dance, “prosper,” or the twisting and turning of an ankle, “grievous.” Both meanings help us to accurately understand what is being taught. The wicked dances around without realizing that the direction he is going will result in a grievous fall. This is because what God has decreed is not in his mind. Anyone who opposes him he believes he can easily defeat.

Wicked men sometimes use religion to cloak their true nature. We can see them prospering, and they view this as God’s stamp of approval. Therefore, they ignore God’s Word and anyone who may point out the error of their ways. They refuse to listen to correction from God’s Word, so they will in a moment twist and fall.

Wicked men do not fear judgment

The wicked man is so proud that he is beyond correction. Because of this he does not fear any judgment to come. He believes that his position is secure, and that he will not face adversity for generations. Greed is the result of these thoughts, not the cause of these thoughts.

Wicked men are dishonest

If I am right, beyond criticism, unteachable, and have no fear of facing God’s judgment, I will become dishonest. This naturally follows all of the other sinful patterns that have crept in. Wicked men become dishonest and scheming. They begin to twist the truth for their own advantage. This character produces the greed we see in the rest of the chapter.


The problem with poverty, greed, etc. is really a heart problem. These “economic” realities are really not economic at all. They are actually the fruit of hearts that are not right with God. The solution to these problems is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Jesus came to humble men, change their hearts, and place them on a new direction.

Do you need your life changed by Jesus?

Do you see your life going on this path of destruction?

Will you repent and come to Jesus?


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