The Work of the Spirit (John 16:4b-11)

The Work of the Spirit (John 16:4b-11)

Jesus has been talking with the disciples about the persecution they will receive for following Him and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus leaving the disciples was for the benefit of the world

Jesus’ physical body could only be in one place at one time. However, the Spirit indwells every believer across the globe. This means that the body of Christ is now able to be around the entire world at the same time. As Jesus said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am.”

The Holy Spirit reproves and convicts

The primary mission of the Holy Spirit is to glorify God through reproof and conviction. To reprove is to expose or point out fault, error, guilt, or sin. To convict is to convince someone that they are guilty and condemned. The work of the Holy Spirit is to point out sin and convince people of their guilt and condemnation. As such, someone who is truly Spirit-filled will confront the sin around them and lead people to feel the weight of their sin, guilt, and judgment.

Conviction of sin

The Holy Spirit will convict men of their sin. He will point out the error of our ways. He will then show that we are in sin because of our unbelief. He will point out that we cannot live in sin and truly be a believer in Jesus Christ (1 John 3:5-10.)

Conviction of righteousness

Jesus life was convicting to those around Him. He lived such a life of faith, love, and compassion that He exposed the complete lack of righteousness in those around Him. Now that He has ascended the Holy Spirit will clothe believers in the righteousness of Christ and empower us to live as He lived. He will use us to bring conviction on men that they are not as holy and righteous as they believe themselves to be.

Conviction of judgment

Jesus Christ has defeated Satan. Christianity is not so much about waging war as declaring that the war is over. Jesus has defeated Satan and is Lord of all. As such, those who follow Satan stand condemned and defeated with him. The Holy Spirit convinces men that they are condemned and that they should flee to Jesus from the wrath to come.


Do you see the work of the Holy Spirit in your life as evidenced by conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment? Do you see the Holy Spirit working through you to bring conviction of sin, righteousness, and judgment to others? Is the reason you do not see this because you do not believe in Christ? Is the reason you do not see this because you have become compromised?


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